Sunday, 19 May 2013


Assalamualaikum Para Pembaca Yang Budiman..

Today I'm alone in the office(room) .. And i feel lonely(but ALLAH always here) .. And I start to think, that why Rasulullah always remind us to always recite the Al-Quran, As it will be the best companion in alam barzakh .. I do think it must be very scary if we live with the snake and scorpion in that small hole .. SO guys, never forget to increase our amal and do always recite the al-quran. Not forgotten, always remember to takes some times to "berselawat". And practice yourself to make a zikrullah as your "penenang jiwa". It is good if you able to not just talk to yourself but to talk with ALLAH within your heart . Comes to another story, i'm very exciting to celebrate the Ramadan again this year !!!

That All for this Current time, May ALLAH always ease our day :)

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